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​​​​​​Service / Book​ Translation eService 
Books Translation eService
Service Description
To translate the creative authors' works into different foreign languages, in addition to translating significant foreign masterpieces into Arabic Language
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Service Typ​e
Service Structure
Office Hours / Timings
Sunday to Thursday, 7.30 a.m. till 2.30p.m.
Average Time of Service Completion
45 business days
Concerned Department / Division
Knowledge content Department​
Target Customer Categories
Creative writers and authors
Service Channels
1. Face-to-Face (MCKD Offices & Centers)
2. Website:
Communication Channels
MCKD offices and centers
Toll free number:800552255
Service Fees
AED 200 for each book
Supplementary Service
Service Limits
Service Request

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Service Rating

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Service Requirements
1. The author should be UAE national, or has translated a book about UAE
2. The author should have issued a number of books or a significant academic work
3. This service applies to authors with proven experience rather than promising authors
4. The author and the translator are each entitled to a cash prize for the translated book
Service Accessibility
1. Complete the International Numbering Form.
2. Pay International Numbering fees of AED 200 with the e-Dirham card or credit cards (Visa or MasterCard).
3. Attach ID Card photocopy.
Eservices Procedure
  1. Login
  2. Submit the Application
  3. Approval from Ministry
  4. Translation & Printing
  5. Receive Books at Cultural Centre
Last Modified Date: 19 November 2017