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Books Printing eService
Service Description
The service is intended to support and encourage young talents to print and facilitate the publication and distribution of their books in exhibitions and book fairs after being reviewed by the competent committee
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Service Type 
Service Structure
Office Hours / Timings
Sunday to Thursday, 7.30 a.m. till 2.30p.m.
Average Time of Service Completion
35 business days
Concerned Department / Division
Knowledge content Department​
Target Customer Categories
Creative writers, authors and Poets
Service Channels
1.Face-to-Face  (MCKD Offices & Centers)
Communication Channels
MCKD offices and centers
Toll free number:800552255
Service Fees
Supplementary Service
Service Limits
Service Request

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Service Rating  

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Service Requirements  
1. The book must be of a literal and intellectual value as well written in a sound literary and intellectual style
2. The applicant must be UAE national or an expatriate and the book must be of an importance and related to UAE culture and heritage
3. Present the manuscript along with an e-copy of the book to be printed on a CD
Service Accessibility  
1.Complete the Printing Form
2. Attach an e-copy of the book
3. Attach 2 paper copies of the book
4. Provide a ID / Present passport photocopy
5. Provide the author’s CV
Eservices Procedure  
  1. Login
  2. Submit the Application
  3. Approval from Ministry
  4. Receive Books at Cultural Centre
Last Modified Date: 19 November 2017